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Zombie Walk 2011
updated: Aug 22, 2011, 1:52 PM

By the Urban Hikers

On Vacation in Vancouver, Canada.

We all know that on Saturday August 20th Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries made their sentimental walk to the alter here in Santa Barbara ...but just up the Pacific Rim, folks in Vancouver, British Columbia celebrated the 6th annual Zombie Walk. We just happened to be there to catch it.

The participants at this years walk "a Shamble through Vancouver; Zombie Walk 2011" were estimated by the local police to number about 2,000.

The first zombie walk recorded by historians took place in Sacramento in 2001. It was reportedly a promotional event, but was so popular that other communities latched onto the idea. Today Zombie Walks are held in cities throughout North America, Australia and Europe. There is even annual zombie convention, held each year in Seattle called the ZomBcon...

Lest you begin to believe this event is a twisted free-for-all, please note that according to the Facebook page, there are some very specific guidelines. Specifically, organizers urge the zombies to refrain from any type of vandalism, and also to be sensitive to the potential fears of unsuspecting children who may encounter them along the walk. The page directs the zombies accordingly by stating: "Though we big kids all see the fun in it, small children may not, and if you see any children reacting fearfully, please do not add to their distress! Just move on and let their parents explain … do NOT accidentally be the douche who gives them nightmares for a week by leering in their face! However, if they're into it, they're fair game for fun, like ALL the living!".

The zombies, most of whom are young professionals by day came in an assortment of varieties, ages, shapes and sizes…here are just a few of them.

The crowds were well behaved, but impressive in their size. From what we heard the walk began at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 4:30 pm, and made their way down to English Bay about an hour and a half later. The weather was picture perfect…

Law enforcement was on hand, but kept a relatively low profile…the scene was actually pretty "dead"…

A few more of the Canadian Zombies, including one group that seems to be having its way with one of us Urban Hikers…

But then the UH came back strong.

Q: What do zombies do after a long walk? A: They go to the after parties…

We passed this poor guy, who was obviously beat, a couple of hours post zombie walk…Peter doubled back to check his pulse, which was strong. After a near miss with a "dead gorillas" we didn't want another frightening experience with a dead zombie…

And though it may be a little off topic, we thought the Quaids might be somewhere in the crowd. Does this guy look anything like Randy to you? Do they have "zombie whackers" in B.C.?

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 COMMENT 206755 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 02:05 PM

Wow, totally gross; great job on the SE's on some of the zombies!


 COMMENT 206769 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 02:58 PM

That is really great and funny!
Nice job with the photos.
I would love to see this happen in on State Street on a summer Sunday afternoon.
Can you imagine what the tourists would think?


 COMMENT 206778 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 03:29 PM

There's a difference between the two?


 COMMENT 206784 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 03:40 PM

That looks like a fun event to attend! Thanks for the photos. Now I've got a Jonathon Coulton song stuck in my head :-)



 COMMENT 206799 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 04:24 PM

AWESOME. I would LOVE if we had one of these in SB! For those who'd like to participate or see one of these a little closer to home, Catalina is having one on Halloween weekend (and one just took place 8/13, a week before this one, in Hollywood). And if anyone starts to put one together for SB, you have at least one person wiling to join up!
Loved these photos: especially the zombies with party hats on, and all the zombies with ice cream cones. And the guy carrying PBR & a big gulp? Exactly how I imagine a college boy zombie to look. :D Dear Urban Hikers: I love you so much for this! <3


 COMMENT 206803 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 04:32 PM

Are you sure those aren't Kardashians? I am not sure what the difference is.


 COMMENT 206822 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 05:05 PM

I'll never eat cauliflower again...


 COMMENT 206833 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 05:25 PM

That's hysterical! And now i am so jonesing for "the walking dead" to return in october !!!


 COMMENT 206865 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 07:01 PM

This looks like something we should start in Santa Barbara. And I'm dead serious.


 COMMENT 206883P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 08:04 PM

AWESOME! Great pics and great looking zombies!


 COMMENT 206899 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 08:42 PM

WOW!....amazing work on the Zombie "make-up"!! Very realistic, good job to all the artists! Hollywood ain't got nothin' on them!


 COMMENT 206906P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-22 09:12 PM

Yes- The special effects are great. What a great crowd of creative people. So much better than dressing up in expensive clothes to attend the wedding of two people who care more about publicity than they do love. Go zombies!


 COMMENT 207082 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-23 11:15 AM

Looks super fun! Thanks for sharing... we should do this in SB! Let's start one!!!! Halloween is almost here.


 COMMENT 207104 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-23 11:34 AM

Were they all polite Canadian zombies?
Where was the edhat bagflag? Seems to me there should have been one, perhaps a little bitten and bloody, but the bagflag all the same.
Thanks for the bloody wonderful photos, UHs.


 COMMENT 207174 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-23 01:19 PM

Solstice with blood!


 COMMENT 207282 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-23 04:18 PM

Zombie Fiesta Cruiser Ride!!!!


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