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Teen Voice - 02/24/2013

updated: Feb 23, 2013, 3:00 PM

By Kelsey Abkin

"I'll be traveling to India with my Buddha coach." "What?!" I responded wondering who this man was and what he had done with my father. It's safe to say I was both shocked and intrigued with the idea that my dad, a levelheaded lawyer, had decided to not only travel the spiritual path, but go as far as traveling to India to do so. After many questions on my part and many valid answers on his, I was convinced that this in fact was a good idea; that getting in touch with ones' spiritual side can only be a positive thing.

When I talk about being spiritual, I in no way mean being religious, but instead the search to find oneself and to discover the true nature of consciousness. Since this conversation with my Dad, I have spent the last couple weeks trying to get in touch with this so-called "spiritual side." This meant I would attend a meditation class once a week and do yoga twice a week. Previously being an avid hostess for stress, I have to say that I completely understand how practices, such as meditation, do wonders to relieve stress. Not only is it the certain practices that come along with spirituality that I find beneficial, but the lessons as well. Forgiveness, understanding, acceptance. These are all teachings we have encountered before, but it seems that through spirituality they are more easily attainable. Each day I close my eyes to enter into the realm of meditation, and although I'm 99% sure I am not truly "meditating" it feels as though I am in a state of relaxation. As I play those simple teachings over and over in my head, I find comfort. What I'm trying to say, trying to convince you of, is that the path of spirituality is without a doubt a quest you won't regret.


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