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Birds Be Fightin'
updated: Nov 16, 2012, 3:17 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

These are the feathers from one lucky pigeon. Although all of my bird feeders are pigeon- proof, occasionally a "rock dove" (true name) will bring a pal and hang out, to glean seed on ground. At 1pm today, I was standing on my front walk, with two pigeons and a lone crow watching me rip out my mildewed zinnias. The birds were sitting atop my front porch, a mere 8' above my head.

Suddenly one pigeon screeched, the crow let out a fearsome sound of fury, and I looked up to see a Sharp- shinned hawk fleeing for its life, the crow right in its tail. Pigeon feathers rained down. No pigeon on the ground, no droplets of blood.

I reached inside my front door for binoculars, as I could see the hawk far up in my 80' tall (city tree) Eucalyptus robusta. The crow had gone off and come back with a few pals, but as soon as I had turned my back, the hawk had left the scene. One lucky pigeon, to be sitting next a feisty crow! (The yellow bit is a palm flower, not a bird part.)

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