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Teen Voice - 11/11/2012

Women and Politics
updated: Nov 10, 2012, 12:00 PM

By Kelsey Abkin

It's no surprise this recent election had the largest gender gap in recorded history. From Mourdock's "God intended" controversial statement to Akin's idea of "legitamite rape", it was inevitable that the Democratic party would take a sizable lead in the eyes of American woman. We've acknowledged women's fight for equality in the 50's and 60's as a thing of the past. However, now in 2012, it seems there is a new and notable "War on Women".

It is a small minority that expresses extreme far right views on issues such as abortion, planned parenthood and rape, yet it proved to be a powerful minority. Each Republican Senator who stated something controversial on women's rights was booted out of their seats. What surprises me is the fact that these men were able to obtain ANY votes from women when it came time for re-election. The fact that some men believe they have a say when it comes to a woman's body is completely absurd, and wholly un-American.

It's unfortunate for the Republican party that men like these act as a representation for their grounds and beliefs. I believe that some women who voted against Romney in this recent election would have done differently if their views of the Republican party were not dominated by anti-choice and anti- women ideals.

Nonetheless, it appears Republicans need to make some changes in order to remain prominent figures in government, starting with women's rights. This election hopefully sent a powerful and unmistakable message to extremists that American women do not want politicians to interfere in our personal decisions. It seems to me, the worst thing about women's rights being debated is that women's rights are still even being debated.


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