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Teen Voice - 10/28/2012

Teenage Halloween Dream
updated: Oct 27, 2012, 11:00 AM

By Kelsey Abkin

Halloween is a holiday unlike any other. There's no aspect of family gathering, no archaic traditions, in fact it's not even clear what exactly we're celebrating. Yet somehow it's a holiday that manages to spark the interest of every teenager I know. It is not the presumed terrifying, hair-rising aspect of it that provokes them to begin preparing for the festivities weeks ahead, as this is a notion of the past.

Instead as we enter teenage years, Halloween becomes a realm of hiked up hem lines and innumerable parties. Every year it seems the festivities get even more outrageous, more commotion, and more nights we push to be part of the celebration. I can't say I know exactly why Halloween seems to be teenagers' ideal holiday but I can say that I do not hear this much pandemonium surrounding any other one. Perhaps it has to do with our inclination towards identity crisis. At a time when we're still discovering who we are it seems the perfect chance to conform into someone/something else even if just for a night. Or perhaps it's the much simpler, superficial fact that teenagers will jump on opportunities for a good party.

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 COMMENT 336141P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-27 11:05 AM

Regarding your first two sentences, please do some research. I was reading about mythology, anthropology and history in high school. I found it fascinating. Have you ever heard of All Hallow's Eve, or The Day of the Dead, or Samhain?

You can start with something as simple as this:


 COMMENT 336197P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-27 01:26 PM

195, she is there because a lot of us who subscribe enjoy reading her blog - for that is truly what it is. It is her thoughts and opinions. She is doing something positive. She is not out there tagging or getting into trouble. Why can't you just applaud that and not be so critical.


 COMMENT 336203 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-27 01:38 PM

Actually Halloween has a long and quite interesting history. It's origins lie in the Autumnal Equinox, a day sacred to many peoples, even dating back in to the paleolithic period. As a structured holiday, it has origins in the second century CE, with the Coligny Calendar. The Coligny Calendar is from a Celtic group from what is now modern day France (Gaul).

Early Celtic inscriptions reference the end of summer as a spiritual day. A day when the veil between the otherworld and ours is weakened.

This day evolved into a festival known in Gaelic as Samhain. This evolved over the centuries, was changed and reformed by Christianity, and became sort of a folk holiday.

Halloween in its current incarnation is about one hundred years old, trick or treating originating during the great depression I believe.

Simply put, many of us know what we're celebrating, what the archaic traditions are and all that. But then again, some of us know how to use google.


 HEH agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-27 02:20 PM

I personally like reading her comments because they elicit some very thought provoking responses that are actually pleasant and educational. One recent article on drug dogs on campus resulted in 91 responses (among the most in the last year) with a very informative dialogue covering both pro and con. Keep up the thought provoking work.


 COMMENT 336218P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-27 02:53 PM

I sincerely admire Ms. Abkin's community spirit, energy for writing and that she has the guts to post. I also wonder what and how much she has read, and about the writing standards in schools these days. I hope she is on the school newspaper staff.

Oh well, I'm just an old curmudgeon addicted to reading; spent my lunch hours as a kid reading and woke up Saturday mornings to reach out for my book. (Yeah, all that made me _real_ balanced.) I was doing independent readings and reports on Eric Fromme, Carlos Castaneda (don't bust a gut; Journey to Ixitlan is good philosophy found in most spiritual paths), Steinbeck and others in 10th grade. Granted, I never made it through algebra until jr. college.
All I can say is read, read and read more! And get off my lawn. :-) (And research the pagan roots of Christian holidays. Fascinating stuff. Ever wonder why Jesus happened to be born around the winter solstice? Early history of the church is good too.)


 COMMENT 336230P agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-27 03:43 PM

i can help with the big mystery of halloween: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=history+of+halloween


 COMMENT 336457 agree helpful negative off topic

2012-10-28 02:42 PM

I agree with 218, it certainly takes guts to post here on Edhat, or anywhere online for that matter. Good training for her future as a writer as she'll need to be able to take critiques as well as praise. And thank you 203 for providing what it likely readily available information on the history of Halloween to flesh out the original post. Unfortunately, the "Teen Voice" provides no major insight from a teen's perspective into why the holiday attracts throngs to our town, other than the obvious party opportunity. Maybe it's less about identity and more about being where and doing what everyone else is. Is drunk and reckless the new norm? Is THIS the identity thousands of kids want to try out? If so, why? Now THAT'S thought-provoking.


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