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Teen Voice - 10/28/2012

Teenage Halloween Dream
updated: Oct 27, 2012, 11:00 AM

By Kelsey Abkin

Halloween is a holiday unlike any other. There's no aspect of family gathering, no archaic traditions, in fact it's not even clear what exactly we're celebrating. Yet somehow it's a holiday that manages to spark the interest of every teenager I know. It is not the presumed terrifying, hair-rising aspect of it that provokes them to begin preparing for the festivities weeks ahead, as this is a notion of the past.

Instead as we enter teenage years, Halloween becomes a realm of hiked up hem lines and innumerable parties. Every year it seems the festivities get even more outrageous, more commotion, and more nights we push to be part of the celebration. I can't say I know exactly why Halloween seems to be teenagers' ideal holiday but I can say that I do not hear this much pandemonium surrounding any other one. Perhaps it has to do with our inclination towards identity crisis. At a time when we're still discovering who we are it seems the perfect chance to conform into someone/something else even if just for a night. Or perhaps it's the much simpler, superficial fact that teenagers will jump on opportunities for a good party.


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