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Teen Voice - 10/22/2012

Monetary Passion
updated: Oct 21, 2012, 3:30 PM

By Kelsey Abkin

"Do what makes you happy." That's what I was told growing up. It was a concept that brought comfort to my existence, ease to adversity. It was a reassuring thought that it was up to me, my decision, to do what I want and be happy and that was all there was to it. But as I got older that candid statement became complicated. It was now, "Do what makes you happy... and makes you a living... and is reasonable."

As teenagers, we grow up in a world of contradictions. We're urged to find our passion and pursue it, however, it is this urging that takes the true passion out of passions. Parents, life coaches, counselors, they all say we should do what we love, but it is clear this is loaded advice. If you're unfortunate enough to find a passion in the arts, writing, acting, painting etc., then chances are you're going to need a Plan B. Yet, unjustly those who find science and math to be in their realm of happiness are welcomed into the working field with arms wide open. Growing up I wanted to be a dancer, then an actress, followed by a writer. It seems I have the affliction of being one of those whose passion wouldn't quite pay the bills. It is this pragmatism that saddens me as for most people; the inclination to love the arts will most likely remain a side job, never quite enough to make a living. I guess, as true for most things in life, people must find a balance because in the end all we really want is happiness. It is an inconsistent society we are growing up in but one thing is clear, the "passion" is on the verge of losing its' meaning.


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