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Slice Price Contest
updated: Oct 13, 2012, 12:00 PM

By The Dedicated Staff

The Edhat Staff was curious how much a slice of pizza costs today in comparison to our 2006 price check. Fine, you caught us, we thought of this during lunch time... over a pizza.

The Dedicated Staff discovered that inflation surely does exist and pizza is not excluded. Although we have considered starting a strong petition to keep a fixed pizza price throughout Santa Barbara.

In case you've forgotten, here are the results from 2006.

And here are our most recent results in 2012:

Woodstocks $2.49
Paesano $2.50
Rusty's $2.50
Gino's $2.75
Nardonne's $2.78
Sals $2.78
Gina's $2.95
Mesa Pizza $2.99
Pizza Guru $3.25
Nicky D's $3.25
Giovanni's (IV) $3.25
Taffy's $3.59
Giovanni's (State) $3.77
Giovanni's (Mesa) $3.77
Uncle Rocco's $3.90

The average price of a slice being $3.10. Congratulations to Edhat Subscriber dillydally for guessing a very close $3.12. You shall look stunning in your Edhat t-shirt while ordering a slice.

In six years, our average slice of pizza has increased by $0.51 cents. That is almost $0.09 cents a year. It doesn't seem like much right now, but think of it six years from now. Our average slice of pizza will be close to what Uncle Rocco's is charging today! By the way, are you hungry yet?


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