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Here are a few more Sunday sunrise [pics].
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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 23, 2014 reads comments
Cartoons: Mike shares another cartoon funny about coffee and productivity. (11/23/14) 753 1
EDBIT: Black Friday is the major shopping day of the year and WalletHub has ranked the best and worst deals. (11/23/14) 1265 9
POWDRELL: According to David Powdrell, a Common Gull is to a Chevy Impala what a Royal Tern is to a Ferrari. (11/23/14) 597 16

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 22, 2014 reads comments
Thanksgiving is less than a week away - send in your best "T" themed [pics]! (11/22/14) 708 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 21, 2014 reads comments
All the oranges on my tree are splitting, and then falling off. Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? (11/21/14) 2323 23

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 20, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: The opening night gala for the 20th Festival Gourmet International was a beautiful outdoor food and wine gathering at the Westin Hotel and Spa Resort. [pics] (11/20/14) 946 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 18, 2014 reads comments
CHP has activated an amber alert for a 14-year-old male abducted in Northern California. [pic] (11/18/14) 2385 15
State, local and tribal leaders in the Climate Task Force presented their final recommendations Vice President Joe Biden and Senior Administration Officials Monday morning.  (11/18/14) 678 41
UCSB's Kevin Lafferty and a team of scientists name densovirus as the top suspect in a devastating sea star wasting disease. (11/18/14) 935 3
I'm interested in other peoples opinions and experience with Probiotic drinks. (11/18/14) 2012 29

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 16, 2014 reads comments
Have you heard of nescience? Do you understand why you can't conceive what you don't know off hand? (11/16/14) 806 1
Edhat's publisher went missing last month and thinks a few pictures are going to excuse her playing hooky. (11/16/14) 2380 41
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares another cartoon funny(11/16/14) 943 11
PARENTING: Mike Shinn shares parenting advice when traveling with the family on Amtrak. (11/16/14) 1462 15
An edhat subscriber and Friend of Ed (FOE) uses her edhat bag while grocery shopping in Henderson, Nevada. (11/16/14) 596 2
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a Fall photo from the Eastern Sierra after being inspired by Friday's Flash Photography. (11/16/14) 1057 7
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Taz and Zola, two furry friends who enjoy redesigning socks and shoes. (11/16/14) 1108 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 15, 2014 reads comments
It's finally starting to feel like Fall, send edhat your Fall inspired photos! (11/15/14) 1139 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 12, 2014 reads comments
Dewdrops balance delicately on a heavenly bamboo leaf in a yard on the northwest side of town. [pic] (11/12/14) 1160 13

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 10, 2014 reads comments
Does anybody else have issue where you agree on a price with Cox over the phone for Internet service and every month the bill goes up? Any advice? (11/10/14) 2034 32
My car was in a hit and run accident and I'm wondering what others experience with State Farm and repairs has been. (11/10/14) 1945 30

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 09, 2014 reads comments
Did you hear about the wildfire research out of UCSB? Is coexistence with fire something in which you believe or a thought which you can hardly conceive? (11/09/14) 726 add
If you enjoy epic space dramas with stunning visuals, you won't want to miss Christopher Nolan's newest flick, Interstellar. (11/09/14) 1160 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet a handsome feline who deserves recognition as a staring contest champion. (11/09/14) 1320 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Jouet, a six year old goldendoodle with many friends. (11/09/14) 1352 13

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 08, 2014 reads comments
To my fellow mystery-loving (and solving) Edhatters: What do you think is the purpose of this cabinet? [pics] (11/08/14) 2845 33
Edhat flash photographers send in their "M" themed photos. Can you guess what they are? (11/08/14) 1345 24
Max shares [pics] of a car fire on the 405 Thursday in Los Angeles. (11/08/14) 1338 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 07, 2014 reads comments
Updated with Pic Can someone translate this Japanese writing? (11/07/14) 2083 27
A subscriber wonders if there is a difference between Thanksgiving stuffing vs. dressing. (11/07/14) 1577 21
Edhat subscribers are reporting internet and email issues. Is anyone else experiencing it? (11/07/14) 1417 24

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 06, 2014 reads comments
Patti shares [pics] of an acrobatic squirrel hanging out in a tree. (11/06/14) 1889 15
I'm a combat Vietnam veteran and am looking for an advocate for my upcoming compensation and pension interview. (11/06/14) 1401 22
UCSB scientists participate in a new wildfire analysis, which says society needs to change from fighting fire to coexisting with it as a natural process. (11/06/14) 853 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 05, 2014 reads comments
Sunday morning's clear air made for nice photos, even of a deadly weed. [pic] (11/05/14) 2639 19

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 03, 2014 reads comments
This striking moth has been hanging around my front door for about a week. Does anyone know what it is? [pic] (11/03/14) 2241 16

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 02, 2014 reads comments
This morning we noticed these bugs flying into the air from a single spot of lawn. Can someone identify them? (11/02/14) 3051 23
FICTION: Bud Stuart shares a poem about voting and the upcoming election. (11/02/14) 842 17
IN THE KITCHEN: Toasted pumpkin seeds are a quick and healthy snack. And now that it is finally fall, there is an abundance of pumpkins lying around. Try savory or sweet! (11/02/14) 933 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Dale and Trouble, two pups joined at the hip. (11/02/14) 1305 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Nov 01, 2014 reads comments
Ok ghouls and ghosts, it's All Hallows Eve! Send edhat your best Halloween-themed pics. (11/01/14) 1568 11
Cold front to bring brief heavy downpours and gusty southwest winds in the mountains and deserts on Friday night. (11/01/14) 2171 28

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 31, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber took this [pic] of a monarch sunning itself. (10/31/14) 1117 2
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber shares this [pic] of the edhat bag in Brooklyn. (10/31/14) 860 5
Brian shares a spooky Halloween video on a recent trip to Iowa. [vid] (10/31/14) 923 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 30, 2014 reads comments
Can someone identify this caterpillar? (10/30/14) 1404 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 29, 2014 reads comments
Has anyone replaced radiant ceiling heat in their home? (10/29/14) 1729 16

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 28, 2014 reads comments
Can any subscribers tell me what this wooden thing is? (10/28/14) 3024 19
A new analysis led by UCSB's David Valentine traces oil from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon event to its resting place on the Gulf of Mexico's deep floor. (10/28/14) 978 12
Are there any other Cox Cable customers that have issues with recorded shows (and maybe live shows) freezing up throughout an episode? (10/28/14) 2037 46

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 27, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: Returning home from Seattle, John Wiley increasingly saw water reminders where lakes used to sparkle. [pics] (10/27/14) 1764 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 26, 2014 reads comments
I found this insect in my house today. Any idea what it is? [pics] (10/26/14) 2796 8
My dwarf Santa Rosa plum tree is confused and I am wondering if any other Edhatters are experiencing the same thing. (10/26/14) 1530 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Ewe and Scuba, jet black kitties also known as Poke and Meatloaf but usually just referred to as Boy and Girl. (10/26/14) 1366 11
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Isis, a beach-loving, bone-eating lady. (10/26/14) 1411 19
EDBIT: LAST CHANCE! It's time for the Fifth Annual Edhat Halloween Story Writing Contest! Send in your submission for a chance to win a prize! (10/26/14) 2304 NA

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Oct 25, 2014 reads comments
What spectacularly spooky Halloween decorations have you seen around town? Send in photos! (10/25/14) 1197 3

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